Blake Shelton ‘Body Language’ Album Review

Blake Shelton just dropped his new album Body Language on May 21st and there’s so much to unpack. 

Most obviously, there’s the adorable, but not the overly mushy, song that his soon-to-be wife features on, “Happy Anywhere,” where the couple sings that “I could be happy anywhere with you.” The upbeat song is a perfect blend of the two artists, mostly country, but it definitely has a pop influence. Of course, the two are in love, but it’s so lucky that their voices blend together so well. 

That’s not the only heartwarming story on the album. The Swon Brothers, who you may recognize from competing on The Voice on Blake’s team, had been sending Blake all of their best tracks. This went on for a while until they sent him “Body Language,” and the song was so good that not only did Blake feature it on his album, he named the whole project after it. Additionally, he decided to feature the Swon Brothers on the song as a “thank you” for writing such a great track for him. 

“Now I Don’t”, written by Jessi Alexander, HARDY, and Alysa Vanderheym is a note to a past lover in the face of a breakup. It references all of the ways that his life has improved since leaving her singing “I used to sit around, thinking we’d make up, but now I don’t.”

There are other cute songs about love, like “Whatcha Doin’ Tomorrow,” where he sings about wanting to see his girl as soon as possible whenever she goes out without him. There’s also “This Girl Can’t Help It,” where he sings “wherever she’s goin’ man I wanna go with her.” It is very clear throughout this project that Shelton is smitten in love and wants the world to know it.

Blake Shelton

The album closes out with the beautiful “Bible Verses,” where he sings about trying his best to be a good, Christian man, but feeling like he just can’t match up to the example that Jesus set for us. Written by Brett Sheroky, Andrew Peebles and Joe Fox, the song is about making mistakes, like staying out and drinking a little too much, but sings “I have faith that I can change, I keep praying.” At the end of the day, that’s all that we can do, and it’s a good reminder that even big stars like Shelton are just people trying to do their best, just like all of us.

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