Blake Shelton “Come Back As A Country Boy” Song Review

Country music megastar and long-running television personality, Blake Shelton, returns to his roots in his new single, “Come Back As A Country Boy.” One of the most mainstream names in Nashville, the Oklahoma native reflects on his place in the world with phenomenal vocals inspired by southern gothic/country rock.

Climbing to Spotify’s No. 1 spot in country within just hours of it’s release, “Come Back As A Country Boy” solidifies Blake Shelton’s hold on Nashville and country music as a whole. The carefully placed lyrics contain metaphors of country music clichés in the best way possible. Within the premise of the song, he pleads with God to bring him back as his true form, a country boy at heart. He continues, detailing the virtues of living the country lifestyle, and the strength and grit it takes to do so.

“My back is always breaking, my dogs are always barking / My money has trouble making and my truck has trouble starting / I’m up before the sun, either hauling hay or hunting / My work ain’t ever done, but son, I wouldn’t trade it for nothing.”

Shelton defines the meaning of the song best himself saying, “I think this song is an anthem for everyday hardworking country people out there. We have so much pride in who we are and what we do that, if we ever died and got the chance to live life over again, we probably wouldn’t do it if we couldn’t be country.”

“Come Back As A Country Boy” is one of four recently announced songs that complete his deluxe album, Body Language, debuting December 3rd.

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