"Born This Way (The Country Road Version)" by Orville Peck

In 2021, artists joined together to reproduce Lady Gaga's iconic Born This Way album for its 10th anniversary. One of the artists given this pleasure was country star, Orville Peck. As a queer man, it seemed fitting for Peck to carry the signature song "Born This Way," known for its message of love and affirmation for members of the LGBT+ community. Since it was just Lady Gaga's birthday, we're taking a look at the way Peck remastered this timeless track.

"If I wanna' make it country, baby, it's okay / I was born, I was born, I was born this way."

Peck tweaked the song in a playful and uplifting country style and updated a few lyrics. His heart and soul shine through his production of the tune. This country road version plays differently yet remains true to the song's inner message of love and acceptance. If anything, Peck voiced that message even louder in his breathtaking cover. Hearing the line, "I'm beautiful in my way because God makes no mistakes" sung with Peck's lush twang evokes a feeling of rejuvenation.

Strums from guitars and beats from drums are what fuel the upbeat instrumental for this country-rock track, in addition to the choir-like vocal performance. It's a cover that electrifies the show and invites listeners to join and rejoice in who they are. Orville Peck's performance further encourages reflection and support, and he proved that he was the one to carry the honor of revisioning this Pride anthem. "Born This Way (The Country Road Version)" is another solid cover Peck can add to his ongoing list that already includes songs such as "Jackson" and "Fancy."

Thanks to Peck's fresh take, he has ensured that this song's powerful message of queer acceptance carries on, even if it is in a different genre.

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