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Brady Lee ft. Gracie Carol "On the Line" Song Review

After teasing snippets of the song on social media, Brady Lee and Gracie Carol have finally

released their new collaboration “On the Line.” Lee is a Milwaukee born singer-songwriter with a passion for the country-pop genre and enjoys finding new ways to fuse the two. Carol is an independent artist that has worked tremendously hard to build her musical career. As a recent graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, she continues to release music that inspires her audience.

The opening to this song begins with the first literal meaning of the title “On the Line.” Lee expresses how magical it is to talk to a lover over the phone. Although it makes him “crazy” to have to wait on the phone for his lover to pick up, he doesn’t mind because he claims, “I don’t need anyone else but you.” The chorus is a pleasantly upbeat tune denoting how much Lee cares about his love interest.

“‘Cause when you say hello, baby anything goes / It could be any time, it could be day or night, you can call me whenever you like / ‘Cause there’s something in the way you talk, I can never hang you up / And I’m hanging on for dear life / Yeah I’m laying it all on the line."