Brandon Davis “Something’s Better Than Nothing” Song Review

Rising country singer-songwriter and TikTok breakout star Brandon Davis lives in his birthplace, Chattanooga, Tennessee, with his wife and four kids. Davis has been singing for as long as he can remember and picked up guitar and songwriting in high school. Despite honing his craft early on, Davis did not work up the courage to fully chase his dreams until he was hit by a distracted driver in 2019 and realized life is too precious for leaving dreams on the back burner. His wife recorded him singing and posted it to TikTok where he quickly amassed over 1.5 million followers.

“Something’s Better Than Nothing” dropped on March 18th and is the second single from Davis’ upcoming debut album about life and love—Hearts Don’t Rust.

From the moment Davis’ first notes are belted out, you wonder how he could have ever doubted himself. His killer voice is strong, clear, and full of that old-school classic country grit with a steadfast earnestness that pulls you in. Davis’ vocals take center stage with their modern sound production accompanied by delicate background instrumentals so that the second focus becomes the grounding theme. Written by Davis with Jason Duke and Kyle Clark, this track is an effective and heartfelt reminder to practice gratitude for what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t because“something’s better than nothing.”

“These four walls ain't no castle but this shack will be enough to let our life grow / Yeah girl we ain't got everything the Joneses win / We can't compete but we both know we got love, so.”

“Something’s Better Than Nothing” is an ode to true happiness that can’t be bought and that we can’t see when we are blinded by the search for something better. Davis reminds us that, oftentimes, people with less are happier because they appreciate what they have.

“Just ask that sixteen-year-old who just got that hand-me-down old Ford instead of a new one or that VAW vet who's check ain't got much left but just enough for a cold one / They're both smiling 'cause they realize that / Something's better than nothing.”

This song does not endorse complacency, it champions gratitude while we are chasing and waiting for more.

“Something's better than nothing. / Just a little blessing. / A little reason why. / We should keep going / 'Cause we never know when. / What we'd been waiting for and praying for is 'round the corner coming. Something's better than nothing / Talk to anyone who got another day / That thought they wouldn't get it. / They would tell you ‘thank the Lord the world's still spinning. / And you're still in it.’”

“Something’s Better Than Nothing” is a beautiful country song that highlights Davis’ impeccable vocals and reminds us to embrace each new day that we’re still here to see what is “‘round the corner coming.”

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