Brandon Lay “Back Home” Song Review

Born and raised in Tennessee, singer-songwriter Brandon Lay brings listeners “Back Home” with his newest release, defining his honky-tonk sound with nostalgic notes. Lay reflects on his music as “part rock ‘n’ roll heat, part country heart” that this song clearly inhabits with an eclectic upbeat sound and southern twang that takes us on a rollercoaster ride, landing us right “Back Home.”

Written by Brandon Lay himself with Lynn Hutton, “Back Home” defines hometown nostalgia within the country music sound. He reflects on a time when “love was sweet and life was good” in just three minutes and fifteen seconds, bringing back all those feelings with growing up in a small southern town that so many country music listeners can relate to.

“Home, where it all went down / Growin’ up hell bound on killin’ beers and time / Girls comin’ along for the ride up high slidin’ over close / No red lights because yellow meant go / We were breakin’ rules more than we should / Love was sweet and life was good.”

​​“This song has always been a favorite for my band and me to play live,” shares Lay. “I hope fans relate to it and enjoy listening to it as much as I did writing it. I’m excited to finally release it into the world!” Brandon Lay accomplishes that goal with the initial release of “Back Home,” guaranteeing success with the relatable imagery, fun country music nostalgia, and intimacy that we feel when we listen, even for the first time.

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