Brantley Gilbert feat. Toby Keith & HARDY “THE WORST COUNTRY SONG OF ALL TIME”

Last week, fans of Brantley Gilbert, HARDY, and Toby Keith were all speculating what the three were up to with their cryptic social media posts. If you guessed a new song collaboration, YOU WERE RIGHT. The “THE WORST COUNTRY SONG OF ALL TIME” was released today, June 18th.

One can only assume that these brilliant minds had a great time while constructing this masterpiece of satire. The opening measures grab your attention with some highly produced and effect-loaded vocals with harmonies. After the intro, it cuts to a simple country rock feel with words you’ve never heard in a country song before, “I hate beer and Honky Tonk women”. Buckle up, because that’s just the beginning of everything this track cracked up to be.

Brantley Gilbert, Toby Keith HARDY, Worst Country Song of All Time

The sarcastic southern blasphemy continues with the words “I think sweet tea is overrated.” Between the lyrics and the production, this song is complete hilarity. In the blink of an eye, the chorus comes in with “I love cities and traffic jams. I don’t want a house on a piece of land”.

Even down to the part of the track where a guitar solo would traditionally be, these men made it clear they “don’t know the words to family tradition” by putting a nice, long saxophone solo to fill that spot. Everything you know about country will be thrown right out the window. Instead of a fresh twist on country, these three wrote a fresh diss, and their producer joined right in on the joke.

Don’t hit the next button, enjoy the song in all its satirical glory because tracks like this don’t come along every day. The vision for this song is clearer than your eyes will be from belly laughing so hard tears appear. Don’t hold back, listen and enjoy the pure humor of the “Worst Country Song” and don’t get confused, John Deer’s aren’t blue.

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