Brantley Gilbert Ft. Jason Aldean "Rolex® on a Redneck” Song Review

Brantley Gilbert was born in Jefferson, Georgia, and is celebrated for his talent as a producer, songwriter, and country-rock singer. He has seen wild success with back-to-back platinum albums, seven number 1 hits, and a career-defining album Just As I Am that won him the 2014 American Music Award for Favorite Country Album.

Multi-platinum country star Jason Aldean, who was born in Macon, Georgia, is a three-time ACM “Entertainer of the Year” winner who has 26 number one hits, over 20 million albums sold, and 15 billion streams since his career debut in 2005.

After about a decade of championing each other’s careers, swapping songs, and touring together, country music sensations Gilbert and Aldean are finally giving their fans a long-awaited collaboration with “Rolex® On A Redneck” that dropped on March 25th.

Fans won’t be disappointed with this super fun country banger that we’ll all be blasting out the windows of our trucks this summer. Gilbert and Aldean harmonize edgy vocals spiking the catchy rhythm of the chorus with grit and steel. Their full-throttle delivery captures the lyrical moral fiber and backbone of this anthem that celebrates brand-name earning, god-loving, country work ethic.

Well, I’ve been working like a dog on a slow grind / A couple side hustles, doubles and some overtime / ‘Cause time is money, tickin’ out here on this rural route / Can’t take it with you when you go / So I’m all about the sunup to sundown / Just tryin’ to be the Warren Buffett of this town / Yeah, this work can’t put a house out in Malibu/But let me tell you what it can do.”

There are some stellar rhymes as this song simply flows. The lead-ups to the chorus are electrifying build-ups that slow the listener down to appreciate the message. Working hard in the country may have its limits, but it’s good work that can still spice up your life with some glamor and perks.

“It can put a Rolex® on a redneck / It can put some inches on your big block Chevy / It can put a Yeti on your back deck / Slap full of longnecks / Camo on your brand new Benelli / Yeah, it can put some pearl on your snap / Some gator on your boots / Girl on your lap ‘cause your paper’s to the roof / This turnin’ dirt life might not put a milli on a paycheck / But it can put a Rollie on a redneck.”

Gilbert and Aldean nailed this feel-good country hit that reminds us to live each day to the fullest—work hard, play hard, and celebrate your wins.

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