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BRELAND 'Cross Country' Album Review

BRELAND is one of the most dynamic and promising young talents in country music today. His debut album Cross Country is finally making its way into the hands of fans everywhere.

The singer has emerged in Nashville as an artist determined to reach for the stars. He was recently featured on the hit song "Beers On Me" with Dierks Bentley and HARDY. He also performed his collaboration with Thomas Rhett, "Praise The Lord," on the 2022 ACM stage. "Praise The Lord" is also featured on the new album. While being known by some as a collaborator, BRELAND puts his solo talents on full display in the debut effort. "Natural" was released as the spirited single earlier this summer, and it served as the pre-curser for the rest of the body of work.

"County Line" feels like the perfect summer jam. BRELAND's fusion of hip-hop and country never sounded so good as it does on this track. He sings about the small-town experience that shaped him and certainly will resonate with so many others. "Bright red solo cups laying in the yard / Got the dog named billy sleeping underneath the car / Jimmy's shooting whiskey / Johnny's shooting at the stars."

BRELAND's lyrics prove to be a testament to his growth. "Growing Pains" contains some of the most reflective words on the album with lines like, "I been working on the words I choose and how I see myself / 'Cause if you can't see the good in you, then how can someone else?" It's a message about self-discovery, which is what the entirety of the album feels like.

"Good For You" is a subtle and simple track that fans will hold dear. His soft and radiant vocals shine the brightest in this song while"Don't Look At Me" helps bring the soul to the country genre. The melody and rhythm have a sensual quality that makes it stand out. "Here For It," the opener on the LP that features fellow Warner Music artist Ingrid Andress has a laid-back sound that is equally as soulful. The song is about being open to all of the possibilities that love brings into one's life.

This record is surprisingly cohesive and aims to take BRELAND to new heights. The flare and signature style he brings to every track is why he is already so loved. The production and lyrics work together to bring his style of country music to the forefront.

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