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BRELAND ft. Lady A “Told You I Could Drink” Song Review

“Told You I Could Drink” By BRELAND featuring Lady A is sure to bring listeners back to their first heartbreaks. It starts off with a groovy R&B sound will immediately captivate audiences. Breland’s voice is smooth and effortless as the song builds.

Immediately, the first verse sets the scene, “Bought a drink for you back on the night that I met you / Pop some cheap champagne when the first ball dropped, mmh / Couple shots when I first said, 'I think that I love you,' oh / And you musta' had a couple when you said, 'Get lost,' yeah." The feeling of rejection is clearly expressed within the lyricism and is something nearly everyone can relate to.

Lady A joins in the second verse with powerful harmonies that are sure to produce chills. The combination of a country powerhouse trio mixed with an R&B hybrid style is something that makes this song stand out amongst the crowd. Not only is the song emotional and relatable, but it’s incredibly leveled and easy to listen to.