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BRELAND ft. Lady A “Told You I Could Drink” Song Review

“Told You I Could Drink” By BRELAND featuring Lady A is sure to bring listeners back to their first heartbreaks. It starts off with a groovy R&B sound will immediately captivate audiences. Breland’s voice is smooth and effortless as the song builds.

Immediately, the first verse sets the scene, “Bought a drink for you back on the night that I met you / Pop some cheap champagne when the first ball dropped, mmh / Couple shots when I first said, 'I think that I love you,' oh / And you musta' had a couple when you said, 'Get lost,' yeah." The feeling of rejection is clearly expressed within the lyricism and is something nearly everyone can relate to.

Lady A joins in the second verse with powerful harmonies that are sure to produce chills. The combination of a country powerhouse trio mixed with an R&B hybrid style is something that makes this song stand out amongst the crowd. Not only is the song emotional and relatable, but it’s incredibly leveled and easy to listen to.

The second verse ends with the line, “Well, you could take the high road but it don’t hold up” before it suddenly grows for the second catchy chorus. The blend of two genres, twangy guitars, and flavorful beats, showcase what BRELAND is best at.

BRELAND’s highly anticipated debut album, CROSS COUNTRY, releases September 9th.

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