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Brett Eldredge Discusses Mental Health and Finding Confidence on 'Songs About You'

While the world was dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, country singer Brett Eldredge dropped one of his most vulnerable records, Sunday Drive. Full of introspection, contemplation, and deep songwriting, the 2020 LP showed a new side of the artist that fans weren’t familiar with. On his latest album, Songs About You, Eldredge, once again, reveals another new part of himself to his listeners: a more confident side.

“Music is definitely a piece of therapy for me,” he tells The Nash News. As he continues on he references Sunday Drive where there are tracks about his hometown, the want to be wanted by another, and thoughts about death. On the almost-five minute long title track he reminisces on his childhood.

While becoming more open in his lyricism, he also became more open to his fanbase. He talked about his own mental health, the pressure he feels from social media and its ever-evolving landscape, and even discussed how seeing a therapist changed him on Good Morning America. Through his own eyes, it seemed as though he wanted to make everyone else around him happy and lost focus on himself. “Sunday Drive was the start of that work for me and Songs About You is the stepping into myself in a way that I never even could’ve imagined I could,” he shares, “Going through making this record, I’ve never felt more confident in myself, and more importantly the person I am away from all the music. I really had to work on myse