Brett Eldredge “Holy Water” Song Review

Despite being busy during this year’s holiday season with the release of his brand new holiday record, Mr. Christmas, Brett Eldredge decided to gift fans a brand new track titled “Holy Water” on Christmas Eve. Despite it not being directly tied to Christmas, the song’s message radiates themes of hope, optimism, and gratitude.

“Holy Water” opens with sturdy guitar chords backed with bits of light percussion. Eldredge’s voice enters shortly after the instrumental sets the scene; with just the piano his voice is only amplified. Despite his voice sounding stunning, when paying attention to the opening verse, it is noticeably jarring as he sings, “I’ve been on the verge of breaking / Couldn’t find my way out of here / I saw you standing there waving / Making all this hell disappear.”

The choruses explode with choir-like backing vocals that peek out behind Eldredge. In the second verse, he continues alluding to darker themes reminiscent of mental health as he recalls “being reckless” and “empty nights.” He strings together lines of sad poetry as he describes himself as “fading like a song.” The track’s vulnerable lyrics, written by Eldredge, Heather Morgan, and Mark Trussell, seem to balance out the feelings of sadness with the message that people can come into our lives to ease our own tension within ourselves.

Where the song truly elevates is at the bridge. Eldredge’s intense emotions are only brought to new heights as he sings over the growing instrumental, “I got used broken hearts / Watchin’ my world fall apart / Didn’t know I needed you / But now I do, now I do.” With intense confessions and vivid imagery, “Holy Water” is a song everyone can find personal meaning in.

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