Brett Eldredge "Songs About You" Song Review

Following the trail of songs "Holy Water" and "Want That Back," Brett Eldredge has released his newest single, “Songs About You.” This song, which was released on Friday, April 22nd, 2022, is also the title of his upcoming fifth album.

The fresh track follows the events of what comes after a breakup, being unable to move on because of the unyielding desperation for the lost love. It seems like whatever he listens to, the music will bring him right back to those now haunted memories. The up-tempo, jamming intro fools listeners; the lyrics present a totally different narrative than what the instrumental presents.

The traIn the song he exclaims his frustrations singing, “'Cause sometimes they make me dance / Sometimes they make me cry / Sometimes they make wish / That I had never said goodbye / Now I'm just tryna get through / These songs about you."

The country hitmaker continues to create relatable songs for his audience to cling to on the roller coaster that comes with a devastating breakup with a steady bass drum in the background throughout. "Songs About You" evokes a joking and tender spirit that some may feel after a breakup.

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