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Brett Sheroky "Life Ain't Always Pretty" Song Review

If you're a fan of strong lyrics, this new track released by singer-songwriter Brett Sheroky will quickly become one of your favorites. Highlighting that the journey of life comes with many ups and downs, "Life Ain't Always Pretty" certainly puts everything into perspective.

Regarding the notion of needing the low moments to truly appreciate the highs, Sheroky is a master at creating a story relatable to everyone through his songs. Whether it's mourning the death of a loved one and realizing your strong love for that person is the reason you are hurting so badly or the struggle it takes to make a dream happen and the overwhelming happiness when it finally does - this track gives you a reason to marvel at the big and small moments in the journey of life.

"Life ain't always pretty, it's something else sometimes, but it's the good and bad in living that makes you feel alive, it's the killing yourself trying to make a dream come true and it's the feeling like you're flying the moment that you do, gotta know the halfway empty to know the halfway full, life ain't always pretty but ain't it beautiful"

Sheroky, who has written songs for other artists, and has one of the most profound cuts on Blake Shelton's latest record, "Bible Verses" continues to release heartfelt songs himself that are touching the lives of country music fans.

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