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Bri Fletcher "Out Of Body" Song Review

Singer/Songwriter Bri Fletcher has released her latest single, “Out Of Body." Country music listeners may know Fletcher from her hit single, “Damage.” Fletcher is known for being a vocal powerhouse and delivering powerful lyrics. Her latest release follows the same pattern.

“Out Of Body” is a ballad that perfectly shows off the abilities of Fletcher’s voice. The single explores themes of mental health in a vulnerable yet powerful way. Fletcher belts, “Out of body, out of mind, I lie and say that I’m alright / The little things are adding up / Should feel it but I'm feelin’ / I’m drowning in hindsight/ I’m out of body / Out of mind.” Fletcher tackles the subject of mental health issues in a way that everyone can relate to.

The Texas native continues to show off her incredible talent. “Out Of Body” is heart-wrenching, but also a joy to listen to. Fletcher is no stranger to good songwriting, but her latest single, co-written by Brailey Lenderman and Chris Sligh, is easily her best work. Fletcher’s intimate personal ballad is an instant classic with a fresh new sound, backed up by unmatched singing talent.

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