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Brothers Osborne Release Three New Songs

Brothers Osborne is kicking off a new chapter. The country duo just released three new songs as a part of a special project they plan to announce later this year. These songs are well-crafted and range in emotion.

“Nobody’s Nobody” is an upbeat song for the road. This summer-soaked song talks about leaving a mark in the music industry. The lyrics are catchy with lines, “Sun goes up / Sun goes down / Takes all kinds of kinds / To make this world go 'round / Everybody's somebody, someone / A sinner, saint, or son of a gun / Nobody's nobody.” The duo’s voices blend perfectly with the hints of electric guitar.

“Might As Well Be Me” is a party song made for line dancing at a country bar. This lively song is catchy, fun, and ready to hit the charts. The electric guitar plays another important part in this tune, as it takes the loud country vibe to a whole new level. The lyrics are clever as the duo exclaims, “Somebody gotta shake things up / Somebody gotta shut things down / Somebody gotta strike a match / Break the ice and buy the first round.”

“Rollercoaster (Forever And A Day)” slows it down. The soft piano and gentle voices carry this angelic love song. The track is about loving someone through the rollercoaster of life. The lyrics are sweet, describing how each partner needs one another. “When I am winter, you are summer / When I am autumn, you are spring / When I'm high and dry, you're my drop of rain / Sometimes falling,' sometimes flyin' / But in spite of everythin' / I could ride this rollercoaster for forever and a day."

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