Brothers Osborne “Younger Me” Song Review

“Younger Me” by Brothers Osborne was released on April 16th, shortly after one of the brothers, TJ, decided to tell his coming out story with the public through a Rolling Stone article. In the song, Osborne is addressing his younger self (unsurprising, given the title) and the lyrics are encouraging and uplifting. The story represents the unfair stressors that can weigh you down about your identity and how life could have been easier if you hadn’t challenged yourself so much.

“Younger Me” is a song that we can imagine will resonate with many young people struggling with their identity or putting pressure on themselves unnecessarily. On top of that, it’s a beautiful song with an almost 70s-pop vibe that works really well with the message.

For anyone feeling stuck in a rut or blocked creatively, “Younger Me” can be a go-to pick-me-up. 

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