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Caden McGuire featuring Whitney Wren "What Do You Do?" Song Review

Popular Nashville influencers Caden McGuire and Whitney Wren have teamed up to release their new single "What Do You Do?" The track had been teased by both aspiring singers all summer, and now their fans have the full studio version.

McGuire and Wren are best friends, and it shows in their song. They have tremendous chemistry when singing to one another. The duo happen to be part of a growing set of Nashville-based social media stars who are garnering plenty of attention. McGuire and Wren are also going to be part of a new reality show titled Under The Influence that is currently in the stages of development. After promoting their new single and performing it live for the first time, there might be more in store for these two.

"What Do You Do?" is a breakup anthem worthy of being added to any playlist. McGuire and Wren take turns giving the perspective of wondering how a former flame is moving on. Are they at their favorite dive bar? Are they trying to find love with someone new? The lyrics are highly relatable. "Do you find a crowd / Spin around with someone new / Get drunk as hell by yourself like we used to / Do you drive down a road you've never been?" The desperation in the questions being asked makes the tune feel heartwrenching and deeply personal, and vocals from McGuire and Wren only elevate it.

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