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Caitlyn Smith 'High' Album Review

Cannon Falls, Minnesota singer and songwriter has set free her third studio album, High, into the world via Monument Records. This time, Smith has fully produced this record by herself with a whole new creative vision in mind.

High rings up the curtain with an espied version of “High” that lays at 29 seconds. It’s a glimpse of what’s to come in the uncut version that’s burnished with avant-garde orchestral strings and cherried with a southern twang. The entire composition that found a home near the top of the collection inaugurates with a pure simplicity that sequentially gains dynamism as time rolls on. The song first appeared on Miley Cyrus’ album Plastic Hearts as Smith wrote the song alongside Cyrus and Jennifer Decilveo.

“Dreamin’s Free,” another song that saw the light of day before the record’s release date, was written by Smith, Shane McAnally, and Lori McKenna - two of country music’s biggest hit writers. This song depicts the adversities of making it in music over the years, with a jubilant yet simple cadence that showcases the Minnesota native’s vocal capabilities. She sings, “Yeah, I know that it ain’t been easy / Ain’t got a lot of honey, but we sure got bees / Up to our knees in the weeds and the trouble / ‘cause money don’t grow on trees / We can run but wherever we go / Even the freeway gonna take its toll on you and me, baby / We ain’t rich but the dreamin’s free.”

“Good As Us” trails off of “Dreamin’