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Caleb Seth "Ride" Song Review

Caleb Seth is a young artist who is just beginning to make waves in the country music scene. Fans may remember Seth from his first single “West Tennessee,” released on June 23rd of 2023. Not even a month later, Seth is releasing his sophomore single “Ride” as “West

Tennessee” continues to gain traction. “Ride” serves as the perfect addition to Seth’s


Seth takes a clear influence from other genres when making his music. Seth uses themes and topics commonly discussed in traditional country music, but attacks them from a new perspective, with swinging 808s in the background and fast-paced, high-energy, and heavy production. The sound is refreshing and unique while maintaining the feeling of familiarity.

Seth’s vocal abilities and charm shine through in “Ride.” The young star sings about the start of a new relationship and going for a ride. “She wanna go for a ride / I see the look in her eyes / Might have a drink tonight / But first we gotta go for a ride.” As Caleb Smith continues to deepen his impact on the world of country music, his talent evolves alongside him. “Ride” is something new, something fun, and a sign of what's to come from the new generation of country stars. Seth seems to be ahead of the game.

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