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Caleb Seth "West Tennessee" Song Review

Country artist Caleb Seth released his latest single, “West Tennessee” on June 23rd, 2023. Seth combines the stylings of many genres with the traditional values of country to form a unique and impactful track. Adopted at age seven, Seth has had a unique life experience, and through this has gained a very diverse taste in music, and by the time he was 12, Seth was making music of his own.

Seth breaks into the country scene with his newest single. The influence of great R&B artists juxtaposes the lyricism of a traditional country song. This unique combination meshes perfectly, allowing room for Seth’s beautiful voice to be the main focus of the track. Seth tells the story of West Tennessee and how perfectly the right place blends with the right person. He sings, “It was Tennessee / We sippin’ whiskey/ Let’s have a drink tonight / Can I hold you tight? / We locked eyes on a Friday night / Spring you around and I’ll treat you right / I’m not scared to treat you right.”

The singer-songwriter has an undeniable talent for both writing and performing country music. Seth is not afraid to be vulnerable in both his lyrics and vocal stylings. While Seth may be new to the country music scene, he is still able to maintain an essence of maturity in “West Tennessee.”

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