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Carly Pearce "Country Music Made Me Do It" Song Review

Carly Pearce is ushering in a new era of music this summer, and it continues with "Country Music Made Me Do It." After releasing "We Don't Fight Anymore" with Chris Stapleton back in June, her latest single reminds everyone why they love country music.

This week was a big week of announcements for Pearce. A new song, a fall 2023 headlining tour, and a fan club were introduced to the public. Not to mention tickets went on sale for Tim McGraw's 'Standing Room Only Tour' where Pearce is providing tour support. The Grammy winner enjoys combining classic country sounds for a contemporary audience to love, and her new song falls in line with that.

"Country Music Made Me Do It" has quite an enticing title. It's essentially a love letter to the genre Pearce calls home. In the track, the Kentucky native details how the pursuit of a dream is what has led her to where she is now. While her fans can enjoy the song, her peers are going to be able to identify with the sheer love of their profession. It's cheeky, honest, and shows off the warmth in Pearce's voice.