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Carolyn Marie “Just Drive” Song Review

Carolyn Marie, a country singer and songwriter, released her newest single “Just Drive” on January 27th, 2023. Her first release of the new year has influences from both the country and rock genres and has already found itself in the Top 100 on the iTunes Country chart. The flare of the track makes it the perfect song to blare when driving down the highway or on the backroads

Carolyn Marie released her first self-titled album, Carolyn Marie, in 2018, with several singles following. Songs like, “We Could Be Together” and “Bells” all helped lead to the release of her most recent hit.

From the start of the song, “Just Drive” has guitar riffs that capture the listener’s ear. The vocals immediately become the focus of the song when Carolyn comes in singing, “We’re driving in your car / Got my game face on”. While the entire song is captivating, the chorus is truly the shining star. It effortlessly combines rock-like vocals with the infectious energy of upbeat country music.

Carolyn Marie has continuously delighted fans with her music, and she has done it again with her song “Just Drive."