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Carrie Underwood "Out Of That Truck" Song Review

Superstar Carrie Underwood is no stranger to a massive rollout campaign for new music, but this time she chose to surprise her fans. The singer has released her new song "Out Of That Truck," and it's safe to say no one will ever turn down new songs from Underwood.

Underwood has been a fixture in country music, as well as pop culture, for almost 20 years now. Women in music often feel the pressure to reinvent themselves, and Underwood has managed to embrace the changing landscape while staying true to herself. Fans have come to love her for the person she is off the stage just as much as when she sings "Before He Cheats." As a businesswoman as well as an entertainer, Underwood still carries the instinct of knowing what her audience wants to see and hear.

"Out Of That Truck" contains what people adore about Underwood's music: powerhouse vocals, catchy lyrics, and perfected melodies. A true breakup anthem, the song is about wishing a former flame good luck trying to get rid of someone's memory. Underwood sings from the perspective of a woman who knows her presence will be hard to forget. "When you're runnin' around in that stick shift Chevy / I bet it drives you crazy / Thinking about us on every other back