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Carrie Underwood "She Don't Know" Song Review

Superstar Carrie Underwood is giving fans even more of a taste of what's to come from her forthcoming Album Denim & Rhinestones. The singer released "She Don't Know" ahead of the album's arrival.

Underwood has been staying busy as the release of her ninth studio album draws closer. The songstress has already released "Ghost Story," "Crazy Angels," and the title track "Denim & Rhinestones."She even stopped by the set of American Idol to be a guest mentor, taking her back to her beginnings. The sound of the record looks to continue Underwood's style of mixing pop, country, and rock all into one pretty package. Her vocal ability never fails, and these songs prove she still has the pipes that rival the best of them.

"She Don't Know" is another vibrant song about cheating that Underwood can add to her catalog. Unlike "Before He Cheats," and "Two Black Cadillacs," she isn't getting revenge. This song is instead about leaving well enough alone. Underwood's lyrics are about letting the other woman have the man that has played them both. She sings, "What she don't know is I know what she's been up to / I bet she thinks she got me played for a fool / But the joke's on her, in that bed she's lying in / What she don't know, she can have him."