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Carter Faith "Already Crazy" Song Review

Named the “future of the next 10 years of Nashville” by Whiskey Jam founder Ward Guenther and a shoutout from Carly Pearce on Instagram Stories, rising country act Carter Faith has been making her voice heard. Her latest single, "Already Crazy," features cynical yet smart lyricism and showcases her expansive vocal range.

Faith taught herself piano and guitar, and not shortly after she started creating lyrics telling emotional stories about life. Following the release of her debut EP Let Love Be Love, the singer-songwriter has released a bunch of different singles like "Greener Pasture" and "The Devil's Still Down in Georgia." The brand-new track is the most stirring gut punch of them all.

“Already Crazy” is a beautiful country ballad about going through breakups but being broken from past ones. She sings, “I was already crazy, already unglued / You can't be that stupid to think it started with you / I was already bitter, I was already sad / It wasn’t you leaving that made me go mad / You didn't break me, baby / I was already crazy.” The way Faith delivers these lyrics painfully; the words cut right down to the heart with no sympathy. Listeners will feel her pain.