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Carter Faith "Cowboy Forever" Song Review

Singer-songwriter Carter Faith is expanding her musical universe with her new tune "Cowboy Forever." The track follows the rising artist's recent releases "Smoke Too Soon" and the Carly Pearce-endorsed single, "Wild." In "Cowboy Forever" Faith sings of someone unwilling to grow or change, incompatible with her ever-changing free spirit.

The song features a beguiling introduction with singular notes of a Spanish guitar. As it continues a piano enters followed by a distant steel guitar and flares of playful percussion. As with every Faith tune, she seamlessly sets up the story in the first stanza: "I was thinking of his Cadillac / How good he always seemed to look in black / I wasn't thinking, I wasn't thinking / I was dreaming of his cattle ranch / His Grandma's diamond ring on my left hand / What was I drinking, what was I drinking?"

After singing of regrettable choices and naive mistakes in the opening verse, the chorus crashes. Faith sings of her cowboy's unchanging ways and immutable personality; put simply, her lover doesn't seem to excite her in the way he used to. The lyrics aim to steal the show, but the instrumental is equally as fun with strings that wander in the background of the soundscape. Carter's vocals are also exhilarating as she bounces between her head voice and chest voice. She also adds a haunting coo after the second chorus which only elevates the track.