Carter Faith ‘Let Love Be Love’ EP Release

Rising singer-songwriter Carter Faith from Davidson, North Carolina recently put out a flawless summer love track “Joyride” that has racked up over one million streams. She also had over 5 million streams in 2020 with songs you probably already know and love including “Leaving Tennessee,” “Sinners in a Small Town,” and “Easy Pill.” Faith has shared the stage with big names including Cole Swindell and RaeLynn and she’s performed at Music City’s top spots like the Bluebird Café and the Listening Room Café. Her highly anticipated introductory EP Let Love Be Love drops on August 20th and unquestionably cements Faith as a country music star. 

The first two songs on this 6-track EP are the already-released hits “Joyride” and “Buzzkilla.” The third song is the masterfully written “Dreamers and Cowboys” that carries on the theme of letting big emotions be what they are without overthinking or overanalyzing them. “Cowboys and Dreamers,” tells the age-old tale of opposites attracting with poetic lyrics that showcase this dichotomous relationship in a fresh and vulnerable way.

“I’m a one-way crazy ride and you were built to hold on tight. You might be scared but boy you don’t show it. You’re steady like an old oak tree.”

While her cowboy is steady, she is a dreamer with her head in the clouds making them the perfect fit to balance each other. 

“Cowboys and dreamers fall asleep with the sky, faithful believers two hearts on fire…but if I could bet on anyone, it’d be cowboys and dreamers like you and I.”

This song will undoubtedly encourage any daydreamer listening to want to find a cowboy of their own. 

The fourth track “Lasso” takes the cowboy imagery further with the lasso depicted as a metaphor for love that tangles us up then releases us for the thrill of the chase. Faith immerses backdrop whistling reminiscent of old wild west showdowns with cowboy expressions combined with her soft, sultry voice to create a unique country saloon delight. 

“You cut me loose, let me run away ‘cause you like the chase but we both know you don’t let go oh baby don’t let go. You know just how to spin it if it’s a game I want you to win it. I’m tangled up I know yippee ki-yay oh, you tighten it up and pull me close, lasso.”

The sixth and final song on the EP is “Pipe Dream” which once again showcases brilliant lyrics combined with an appreciation of love for love’s sake, even if it is just a “pipe dream.” Artists who make it as far as Faith has, know that you have to dream big and feel deeply to push past the many logical reasons to give up that arise along the journey. For Faith, the journey and the dream themselves are enough and she refuses to wake up or to let go. 

“If it’s all a pipe dream baby don’t wake me, baby don’t wake me. And if it’s just my dream then you can’t break me, baby don’t break me. I’ll keep believing that my name’s on your heart written up in the stars. Could be lonely but I’d rather be gettin’ high on a pipe dream.”

Faith’s “pipe dreams” are becoming a reality as her audience is undoubtedly going to get “high” off this spectacular debut EP.

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