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Carvin Walls "Lucky Enough" Song Review

The husband and wife duo Carvin Walls has released a touching song that will remind everyone why they love country music. "Lucky Enough," which made waves on TikTok, is now available for the masses to enjoy.

The duo consists of Kelly (formerly Carvin) Walls and Troy Walls. Troy hails from West Virginia and was playing on the Ohio river valley while making regular trips to Nashville for songwriting. Kelly is from New Jersey where she played around the tri-state area. The two officially made the move to Nashville, Tennessee in 2012 and they met shortly after at a songwriter's round. They released their debut album in 2019 titled Between Us to rave reviews. The duo was nominated for the 2019 NIMA Awards for “Duo of the Year” and “Performers of the Year."

"Lucky Enough" was written after the passing of Kelly's sister. The track is truly heartwarming and will ignite strong emotions from anyone who has lost a loved one. The pair sing about the wide array of emotions that come with grief: anger, frustration, sadness, and longing can all be felt with each line. "On my mind every day, sometimes every minute / But it took a while to say your name out loud / Life has changed so much without you in it / Couldn't find the words to sing till now / I was mad, I was sad, I was broken, and hurt if I'm honest."