CB30 “Don’t Say Goodnight” Song Review

Coming off of their last release, “Old Phone,” from November of 2021, country duo CB30 started off the new year with their slow and emotional new song, “Don’t Say Goodnight” released on January 28th, 2022. The track will reside amongst a series of singles released by CB30 since 2016, with more and more new tunes being added to their catalog each year; over seven new tracks were released by the group over the course of 2020 and 2021.

The song begins with a slower introduction leading to lyrics that reach the most vulnerable part of audiences and anyone whose emotional connections to others and the world forces them to lose track of time. The best part of the song, other than the smooth guitar and easy blending of the voices with the drums, are the harmonies sung by Christian and Brody Clementi. The use of two voices in this song allows depth to the lyrical patterns and layers the music in such a way that makes it multi-dimensional.  

“To stay here together while we’re wearing out the leather seats / Say anything to keep me from turnin’ the key / You can talk about whatever you’d like / But baby just don’t say goodnight.”

As the two members of CB30 are only 17 and 20 years old, a strong start to the year by the group gives audiences a lot to think about moving forward as they follow their musical careers. The obvious talent from the lyrics can capture both young and old audiences alike, with many of the lyrics up to par with lyrics expected of seasoned artists in the country music industry. Music by CB30 has only been getting better and better throughout the years as they’ve progressed, and “Don’t Say Goodnight” is just a reminder of all the things the duo still has to offer.

“Put your Nikes up on the dash / Go ahead pull your hair on back / Tell me all your fears / And the dreams you have.”

After the release of “Don’t Say Goodnight,” CB30 is already leaving audiences wanting more. With their careers only just beginning, only time will tell what new music we’ll get from the duo in the future.

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