Celebrating Mary Chapin Carpenter: Five of Her Lyrical Masterpieces

Today, we celebrate the 64th birthday of artist Mary Chapin Carpenter. After spending several years performing in clubs and bars within Washington DC, the New Jersey native then began producing her music with Columbia Records in the late 1980s. For over 40 years she has showered us with lyrical masterpieces with five of the most notable being as followed:

1. “Passionate Kisses” from the album Come On Come On (1992)

“Is it too much to demand / I want a full house and a rock and roll band / Pens that won’t run out of ink / And cool quiet and time to think / Shouldn’t I have this / Shouldn’t I have this / Shouldn’t I have all of this, and passionate kisses?”

2. “Never Had It So Good” from the album State of Heart (1989)

“‘Cause you’re out of my life now / With a wave of her hand / You never had it so good, babe / I never had it so bad / Now you can do what you want to / And never feel sad / You never had it so good, babe.”

3. “Down at the Twist and Shout” from the album Shooting Straight in the Dark (1990)

“Saturday night and the moon is out / I wanna head on over to the Twist and Shout / Find a two-step partner and a Cajun beat / When it lifts me up I’m gonna find my feet / Out in the middle of a big dance floor / When I hear that fiddle, wanna beg for more / Wanna dance to a band from a-Lou’sian’ tonight.”

4. “Soul Companion” from the album Ashes and Roses (2012)

“I’m packing my compass, trusted and tested /My dog-eared maps to study and fold / Into a pocket, I’m traveling light now / All that we have is all that we hold / My soul companion / In my heart you are my soul companion / Just like a star.”

5. “I Put My Ring Back On” from the album The Age of Miracles (2010)

“We can’t speak like lovers we used to be / We can’t change ancient history / And love wounds with such simplicity / And I threw it down, down, down down, down / Your heart is all I want to see / Your hand reaching out to me / And your kiss remembers the mystery.”

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