Celebrating the Anniversary of Trixie Mattel's 'One Stone'

Trixie Mattel, also known as Brian Michael Firkus, is a famous drag queen who has competed twice in Rupaul’s Drag Race. She is also known for her YouTube series “UNHhhh”, her show on Viceland The Trixie and Kayta Show, her hilarious TikTok account, and her incredibly popular makeup brand, Trixie Cosmetics. When the star is not overwhelmed with work, she likes to sit down and write music from her Midwestern roots. Mattel’s country folk music comes across as shocking since many people would never expect a drag queen to have such a southern voice and a passion for folk music. On March 16th, 2018, Trixie Mattel released her chart-topping album, One Stone. In honor of the four year anniversary of One Stone, let’s dive deeper into the seven incredible songs featured on the album.

The album starts off with “Little Sister" which features a classic country, Dolly Parton inspired melody. Mattel’s voice is so softly southern, and the song really displays her tone well. The tune is upbeat and catchy. When looking deeper, the lyrics reflect the stereotypical gender roles that Mattel wants broken. She sings, “Little boy's supposed to do what he's told / Little girl's supposed to polish her toes / Maybe they're together when they're older and all grown up." By being a drag queen, Mattel breaks these gender roles everyday and advocates for young children to be who they are no matter what gender.

Following behind, we hear “Break Your Heart." At the very beginning, this song starts with a

strong violin solo. It is fast-paced with a pop-sounding melody. This is one of the more lively songs on the seven song project. Mattel sounds like she is having the time of her life while singing the words and her passion for music shines throughout this specific song. “Soldier”slows down the pace. It's lyrically beautiful as Mattel sings, “You've got time to grow / Oh soldier, take your time / No one said the words all have to rhyme, and if they do it's fine / And even if they don't, no one needs to know / Woah, soldier, you gotta let things go." This entry serves as a vital reminder that things don’t have to be perfect in life.

“Red Side of the Moon” keeps the slow pace with a soft guitar and Mattel’s gentle voice. Mattel states her lyricism softly with lines, “Loving you from the red side of the moon / Loving her was funnier than a Saturday cartoon / Someday is a story and it’s the one I’m sticking to / Loving from the red side of the moon” while a light female voice harmonizes behind. This song’s main character is Judy, who is named often throughout the song. According to an interview with Mattel hosted by Adam Vitcavage, Mattel says she got the name Judy from the fan theory that Dolly Parton is in a lesbian relationship with her best friend, Judy Ogle. While this is not true, Mattel wonders what it would be like to be the lover of someone as famous as Parton, hence creating “Red Side of the Moon."

After the amazing ballad, we get back to a sprightly attitude with “Moving Parts." Mattel’s tour for this album was named “Moving Parts” since her show always has so many different elements to it. From her country folk music to her comedy skits, she has various elements to her live sets. It acts as a summary of what it’s like to be on the road touring and creating content for her stages. “The Well” comes after “Moving Parts." This song draws a lot of

inspiration from Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide." The gentle guitar and Mattel’s down-to-Earth voice complements each other beautifully. This might be one of the best songs on the LP. The classic country sound of Mattel and the thought out storytelling is what country music is all about.

Ending the album, we hear “Wind up Man" which is very folky in nature with its fiddle and quick beat. The lyrics complement the beat, stating, “They say machines ain’t made for loving / But I believe that they can plug into your heart / And you know when it starts in the smoke in the sparks / You’re not broke it’s all part of a lover’s game."

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