Chad Cooke Band “I Just Want You” Song Review

Chad Cooke Band, made of four Houston, Texas natives, have paved their way into the country scene and stamp it with their new single, “I Just Want You." With five singles that have reached #1 on the Texas/Red Dirt Radio charts, and traveling in and out of honky-tonks all across the country, Chad Cooke Band is guaranteed to make a hit in the modern day country music scene, laying it all on the line with their emotionally-charged love ballad with a hint of deep rock & roll in the sound.

“I’d give her every last red sunset I ever get / And man if she asked me, I’d rope her the moon / They couldn’t grow enough red roses / And heaven knows if they did, I’d buy ‘em all / As soon as they bloom / Well I’d give her anything, everything / She’d just say ‘I just want you.’

Written by Jordan Walker, Andy Albert and Marc Beeson, and produced by Grady Saxman, the four man group recorded “I Just Want You” in Mt. Juliet, TN over the winter. The song features the four members of the Chad Cooke Band, with Chad Cooke and Dallas McGilberry on guitar, Kevin Pool playing bass, and Mike Neyra on the drums.

The band starts out begging the question, “How is it the girl who don’t ask for a thing, is the one you want to give everything too?” The song continues to prove itself as a love letter from not just the singer, but both parties involved, promising love through the eyes of both sides of the relationship it is dedicated too.

“I grew up thinkin’ that the measure of a man / Was money and the size of her ring / But she proved me wrong / When she came along and changed everything / Man, she changed everything."

“I Just Want You” is a slow, deep-rooted, love ballad with a sweet and catchy chorus that’s easy to sing-along with and relate to at any place where there is love. The track proves that love is far beyond materialistic qualities, and is embedded deep within the two people that share it. Chad Cooke Band performs the song as if it’s wedding dance-floor ready from the first note until the final stroke of the guitar.

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