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Charlie Worsham “Fist Through This Town” Song Review

If you’ve never heard of Charlie Worsham, you’re missing out! Worsham is a fantastic singer and songwriter, and top-notch multi-instrumentalist. Growing up in Georgia, he began playing music at a young age and could arguably be described as a child prodigy. At age 10, he played the Ryman with Jimmy Martin, two years later he would go on to play the Grand Ole Opry.

His musical journey led him to Berklee in Boston and eventually Nashville. Outside of his solo work, Worsham was a member of Old Crow Medicine show and has written and played on records with Vince Gill, Eric Church, and Kip Moore to name a few.

Now, Worsham is gearing up to release his third solo album, starting with the single “Fist Through This Town”.

“Fist Through This Town,” tells the story of just about every musician in Nashville at some point or another. The verses paint a picture of living in less than desirable circumstances, wondering if you’ll be able to pay your bills, and craving recognition. The chorus is a little more direct in expressing these frustrations, “I wanna put my fist through this town. I aint a fighter but I’ll knock it to the ground. I ain’t a killer, but I’d let that bastard drown. I wanna put my fist through this town.” While it may seem overdramatic to some, it’s definitely accurate for anybody who has pursued the dream in Music City.

Clocking in at 4:51, he takes listeners on a dynamic journey beginning as a ballad and ending in full-on rock. The song just feels good. Starting with a simple guitar part paired with four on the floor and plenty of ethereal pads and harmonies, the lyrics and melody are able to stand out. As the track progresses, the parts get more involved and lead to a ripping solo which perfectly fits the angst of the lyrics.

It will be interesting to see where this album goes. If the rest of the record holds up to the level of his previous work, we think listeners are in for a real treat.