Charlie Worsham Sugarcane EP Review

Warner Music Nashville’s critically acclaimed country music singer-songwriter Charlie Worsham was born in Mississippi. He started making a name for himself in Music City touring with Taylor Swift in 2011 and opening for big names like Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley. Worsham went on to be recognized as a talented country artist in his own right with his debut album Rubberband followed by his second hit album Beginning of Things. If you aren’t already a Worsham fan, you will be after listening to his new 6-track EP Sugarcane that drops today.

The first song on Worsham’s new EP is the title track “Sugarcane” which starts off sweet and slow with a bit of a bluesy feel. Lyrics that could rival Walt Whitman’s poetry combine with Worsham’s soothing vocals to create a sexy, smooth song about a honeymoon in the Caribbean.

“Please let me taste your sugarcane. I’ve got to squeeze every last drop, can’t stop ‘til it hits my brain…mhhhmmm…Driving me insane with sweet little kisses droppin’ down slow, come on baby just let it flow….Nothing makes good gooder quite like sugarcane.”

The third track “Half-Drunk” had an early release that was met with rave reviews. Worsham proves he’s got both the pipes and the song-writing talent once again with this endearing song about when he first told his wife that he loved her. This track takes off with an old-school country feel with high energy and a classic twang. It’s as sweet and tender as it is funny and heart-warming and hits the right note of romantic without being sentimental.

Charlie Worsham

Just ‘cause I went and said what I meant, don’t mean I didn’t mean it a hundred percent. I love you and hope you won’t hate me just because I may be half-drunk, half-joking, half-crazy. I’m all the way into you.”

Sugarcane’s fifth track “Believe in Love” is so romantic and touching that you better have tissues nearby. This slow song has a beautiful melody to accompany what feels like a little window into Worsham’s soul while he lists the things he believes in and why. Most notably, he credits his wife for being the reason he believes in love.

“I believe in workin’ hard from the Texaco star on my papa’s shirt. I believe in the Lord above because my sweet mama took me to church. I believe in the power of good songs and good dogs ‘cause of my old man. And I believe life’s what happens while we’re busy making other plans and you, you make me believe in love. You, you give me a reason to trust that there’s a happy ever after if it’s with you then that’s enough. Baby, it’s true, you make me believe, make me believe in love.”

The sixth and final track “Hang On To That” is brilliantly written with the most touching message so far. Worsham ends his EP on a very strong note with a song that doubles as both an ode to his late father and a love letter to his wife. Of all the valuable things his dad told him to hold onto, Worsham is sure that the love he has for his wife would be at the top of that list.

“Hang on to that right there that’s one of a kind. Hang on to that, that’ll last your whole lifetime. It’ll stick with you through the highs and the lows. Whatever you do son, don’t let go. Just hold onto it, tight as you can. Man, hold onto that.”

Worsham proves that there’s a unique strength to raw passion and vulnerability with an EP that could pull at the heartstrings of even the most jaded cynics.

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