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Chayce Beckham and Lindsay Ell “Can’t Do Without Me” Song Review

American Idol winner, Chayce Beckham, and dynamic 21st-century country music star, Lindsay Ell, come together to create a passionately charged track with their first-ever collaboration, “Can’t Do Without Me”. Jordan Walker, Trannie Anderson, and Michael Carter penned the song, while Ross Copperman produces the debut to Beckham’s fresh record label deal.

“‘Baby I’m dyin / To catch that lightnin’ / I’m only fine from your fingertips / I’ve been missin’, wishin’ / To feel your kiss / And your hands all on my skin / It won’t be long till we’re burnin’ up them sheets / And doin’ all those things that you can’t do without me”

With unforgettably steamy lyrics like, “I can’t wait to see that dress spend the night on the floor,” amongst many others, the power of suggestion is real. The song is filled with a fiery passion, “There is such a raw intensity in this song that when A&R brought it to me, I knew I had to cut it—it hit me like lightning,” said Ell in a press release. “Chayce, wow, did he bring it on this song. I had heard so many great things about him but he more than understood the assignment on this one.”

Lindsay Ell Chayce Beckham