Chayce Beckham 'Doin' It Right' EP Review

Chayce Beckham has dropped his first EP entitled Doin’ It Right after collaborating with Lindsay Ell and releasing two singles. A California native, Beckham won the 19th season of American Idol in 2021, and Doin’ It Right is his first large-scale project that he has released since then.

Doin’ It Right features six tracks, and Beckham’s notable '90s country sound is prevalent throughout it. The first three songs on the project give off small town ambiance with their laid-back lyrics and low-key instrumentation.

“Where the River Goes” is an easy-going tune about going with the flow of life. In the next song, “Doin’ It Right,” Beckham narrates a life appreciating the little things. He asserts that not taking in experiences like watching “back porch fire-fly sunset” or stealing kisses when you get the chance is not living life to the fullest. The backup vocals in “Tell Me Twice” help make this refreshing track easy to listen to, and Beckham’s lyricism gives listeners permission to take time off work and enjoy life altogether.

The last three tracks that close it out, show a different side of Beckham as he considers various aspects of love. The theme of “I’ll Take the Bar” differs from other songs on the EP because it deals with the feeling of deep heartache after a breakup. The ex-lovers must divide the town between themselves to manage the grief.

In contrast, “Talk to Me” highlights the more sensual side to a loving relationship; Beckham’s raspy vocals are perfect for creating this atmosphere. In the last track, “Love to Burn,” Beckham balances the lyrical content of quick infatuation with a noticeably faster tempo compared to the songs that came before it. He sings, "You play me like a song you kinda like / You stay up with me like we've got all night / You read me like a page you gotta turn / You love me like I got love to burn / Like I got love to burn."

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