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Chris Andreucci Releases "Strangers In A Bar"

Scottish singer-songwriter Chris Andreucci released a brand new single this past Friday titled "Strangers In A Bar." After just a singular listen, fans of country music will have a new favorite rising artist.

Andreucci currently lives in Nashville where he has been writing and working on his craft. He has also been working with producers Paul Rogers and Jimmy Mansfield. Rogers and Mansfield, who also worked on this new single, have worked with the likes of Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town. Named “Scotland’s Best Country Music Artist” by Capital FM, he has built a loyal and steadily growing fanbase across the U.K., Europe, and the U.S.

"Strangers In A Bar" puts Scottish twist on the Nashville-based sound. The intro sounds like every bit of his homeland. He sets the tone stylistically with the instrumentals that were carefully chosen. The melody that carres the track feels perfectly made to suit Andreucci's voice.

The song is about the miracles that can come about from two people's first meeting. All it really takes is for two strangers to lock eyes and instantly know what is going to come next. He sings, "Two strangers in a bar / Two bourbon broken hearts / Throwing penni