Chris Janson “Bye Mom” Song Review

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Chris Janson was born in Perryville, Missouri, and moved to Music City right after high school. Janson has three full-length albums under his belt and has charted multiple singles on Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs charts as well as many number-1 hits. On August 20th, Janson released a new song “Bye Mom” co-written with Brandon Kinney as a tribute to Kinney’s mother who passed away earlier this year. 

You will need the tissues nearby for this tear-jerker ballad that pays delicate homage to the sacrificial, unconditional love of a mother who loves her children more than herself. The masterful lyrics capture the process of how experience and maturity shape our innocence into emotional wisdom where we finally realize the intensity and power that our mother’s love has had on our lives.

“And oh, that’s just the way it is, when you think you’re grown, but you’re still a kid and you don’t know you’re somebody that somebody loves more than themselves and there’s a beauty in the innocence of not knowin’ that the time they spent is more than one could ask for. And that’s a special kind of love. And it’s only there for a lifetime, then it’s gone and it’s bye, Mom.”

There are other familiar country themes present in this song like acknowledging how fleeting a lifetime can be and how saying goodbye is an unavoidable part of the cycle of life. There’s a uniqueness to the way Janson and Kinney have framed these themes that detaches us enough from the sadness to feel the deep love and appreciation for having experienced this kind of love whether it’s still here or waiting for us on the other side. 

Chris Janson Bye Mom

“And by Mom, I sang a million mornings at the Brine Street Baptist Church and by Mom, I waited hours and hours ’til she got off of work. And by Mom, I stood and cried and laid a rose onto a grave and ‘Bye, Mom’ were the last words that I spoke before we sang ‘Amazing Grace.’”

Janson’s flawless, emotion-tinged vocals complement the depth of this introspective song that showcases what might be his best song to date. 

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