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Chris Young Discusses "Looking For You" and Teases New Music

After a successful 2022 run, singer-songwriter Chris Young is eager to start his next chapter. As Young is known for his soulful, sultry love songs; most of his chart-toppers have been love-filled odes, so it only made sense that this era kicked off the same way

In his own words, Young's new single “Looking For You” is “a different way to say I love you.” The production is sprinkled with guitar sounds and a unique attention-grabbing instrumental that was originally vocals from co-writer Emily Weisband. Her singing was pitch-shifted to stupefy the listener. The vibey mix creates a steeply current, pop-sounding country song.

Not pulled from a specific experience, Young explained the story of the track stating, “This came from a place of sometimes you’re looking for love and can’t find it and sometimes you’re like ‘I give up,’ and it just smacks you in the face like a freight train out of nowhere.” He continues, “I think a lot of people have been through that before.”