Chris Young “One of Them Nights” Song Review

Chart-topping country singer Chris Young was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Young first turned heads in the country music arena when he won the televised singing competition Nashville Star in 2006. He went on to release his first number-one single “Gettin’ You Home” on his second studio album in 2009. That same album The Man I Want to Be was also certified gold. Young has been working on a highly anticipated new album Famous Friends for over a year and a half that is expected to drop on August 6th. One of the 14 songs featured on that album is “One of Them Nights” which was just released on July 9th.

This feel-good, high-energy song is about letting loose and getting rowdy when it’s finally Friday. With a little rock edge to its traditional country rhythm and rhymes, this track is the perfect anthem for those crazy summer parties that last all night.

“It’s finally Friday, gonna get right. Hayfield lookin’ like a runway, blow them speakers on some country. Yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, y’all, no closing time, don’t need a last call. The man in the moon’s gonna leave on the lights drop it into four-wheel. Feels like one of them nights.”

Chris Young

Young’s got the kind of classic twang to his voice that was made to sing this kind of ode to country-style partying. The traditional “work hard, play hard” of country life is praised with lyrics that tell the story of one of those nights that just lines up perfectly for non-stop, unfiltered fun. This song will have you singing along, dancing, and pumped up to party.

“Barbed wire, mud tire throw a pallet on the fire. We’ve been waitin’ all week. Shoes on the floorboard, creek bank, dance floor, sounds like a party to me.”

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