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Chris Young Releases Two New Songs

Country star Chris Young is ready for fans to hear the new music he has been working on. Young released two tracks, "Looking For You" and "All Dogs Go To Heaven;" both feature different, yet sweet sentiments.

Young has long been a staple in Nashville. Since his first album came out in 2006, the singer-songwriter has wowed audiences with his signature vocals and chart-topping songs. Even some of his older hits have been enhanced thanks to TikTok. "Gettin' You Home" is just one of the songs that have gone viral on the app. Young's latest full record came out in 2021. Famous Friends went on to earn an ACM nomination for Album of the Year and generated platinum-selling tracks. Now, Young is hoping that fans will continue to ride along on his musical journey.

"Looking For You" is a melodic earworm bound to stay stuck in anyone's head. From the moment the song begins, one can feel the hope and entrancing love Young sings about. The relatable message of this track is feeling like you were searching for something but not quite sure what it was. When love finds you, you realize that's what was waiting. "I didn't know I've been so blind, but you've opened my eyes." The song features a catchy instrumental line that is actually co-writer Emily Weisband's vocals pitched up a few octaves making for a unique listening experience.

"All Dogs Go To Heaven" brings a more traditional country feel. It has a simplistic sound with a heartwarming message. Young captures the love people have for their dogs; he wrote it about his own dog Porter whom he got as a Christmas gift from his sister in 2017. Young croons, "He'll be waiting on me at the gates / Because all dogs go to Heaven." This song is bound to remind everyone why they love country music. Young shows off his sensitive side in a way only he can do.