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Chrissy Metz “Girl Go” & “Feel Good” Song Review

Released today, actress and Universal Recording Artist Chrissy Metz, is sharing two new songs, “Girl Go” and “Feel Good”. Listen and learn more about the tracks here.

SAG Award winner, Emmy Award nominee, and Golden Globe nominee Chrissy Metz released more original music on Friday (4/2) with two songs “Girl Go” and “Feel Good.” Released at the beginning of April, both of these songs are fun, vibrant country-pop songs perfect for springtime. Metz, who is known for her acting on the popular NBC television show This Is Us, shows off her other skillset with this release as she showcases not only her singing but also her songwriting; Metz has credits on both tracks. 

“Girl Go” is the more noticeable song out of the two, written by Metz, country artist Lainey Wilson, Dan Fernandez, and Faren Rachels. “Girl Go” is about chasing dreams and the empowerment that goes hand in hand with it. Metz wrote this song about her own journey to stardom from her hometown of Gainesville, Florida to the city of stars: Los Angeles, California. There are witty little lines that make references to her crappy car, moments spent working at a restaurant and needing someone there to support her. The track is upbeat and full of optimistic spirit as Metz tells the classic rags to riches narrative. There’s also a bittersweet sentiment at the end of the chorus as Metz sings, “You can always come back home / You might see your name in shining lights all around the world / But don’t you ever let that girl go.” These lines show that “Girl Go” has a double meaning, one for chasing those big dreams and the other about not letting your past self go once you’ve reached the top. 

“Feel Good,” the second of the two tracks, is a summer song, perfect for sitting on the beach. The twangy guitar adds a lot to the instrumentation and the lyrics are happy-go-lucky. “Feel Good” is unapologetically happy and carefree; the lyrics aren’t deep but that’s simply because the song itself doesn’t take itself too seriously. Metz is self-centered in the best way as she exclaims in the pre-chorus, “Gettin’ in the business of some takin’ care of me / Whatever you’re dishin’, I ain’t listenin’, no apologies.”

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