Cole Swindell feat. HARDY "Down to the Bar" Song Review

The Grammy-nominated country singer Cole Swindell released a new song, “Down to the Bar” on March 4, 2022 featuring new country sensation HARDY which can be found on his upcoming fourth album, Stereotype. The two artists teamed up to patch their broken hearts to reflect Swindell’s current headlining tour name for this new track.

The chorus is evidence of the hurting, but rebellious heart each artist has with singing, “Well, take my broke heart down to the bar/ Down, down to the bar, yeah, down to the bar/ Let me get to grieving, baby, I'll even/ Throw your bag in the trunk/ There's somewhere new where the night made you/ That you getting off to, but before you do/ Take my broke heart down to the bar/ Down to the bar to get drunk, yeah”

Swindell’s tour started in February and takes place until April 3rd with locations running first up and down the east coast and then later dates will be out west ending the tour in New Hampshire. The new track gives a new meaning to drinking away the heartbreak. Comparatively, the song is reminiscent of the same attitude that Dierks Bentley gave in his number one song, “Drunk on a Plane” in 2014.

Swindell’s new album, Stereotype is dropping April 8th which you can expect to hear this song plus the multi-week number 1 hit “Single Saturday Night” and rising single “Never Say Never”, in addition to the new tracks.

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