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Corey Kent "Hood Of That Car" Song Review

Corey Kent is a rising talent worthy of the attention he is receiving. Kent just released his new song "Hood Of That Car," and it is destined to make waves.

Kent has recently signed to Sony where he joins their high-ranking roster of artists. His single "Wild As Her" achieves new feats just about every day. Its soaring guitar chords and use of Kent's rockstar vocals add a unique quality that fans are loving. He has provided tour support for Parker McCollum, Cody Johnson, and Koe Wetzel, who all happen to share a similar Okie-Texan sound to Kent.

"Hood Of That Car" opens in an electric fashion before giving way to the song's message. The melody is patient before building to its illustrious chorus. Kent also displays a simple vocal range that offers just enough of his heart.

Kent sings about the passion that comes with young love. While every story can be different, all stories can have the same burning desire. "Sometimes it happens, cause a friend has a friend, sometimes it happens at the bar at 2 a.m. / But most of the time it happens when you finally stop trying." Kent gets to the hook of the song by singing, &qu