Country Artists with Their Own Alcohol Brands

There is no doubt that country music and booze make a great pair, so we found 10 country artists that have released their own alcohol brands.

1. Dos Primos Tequila Company (Thomas Rhett)

Back in 2018, Rhett partnered with his cousin Jeff Worn to create Dos Primos Tequila Company and released their signature product, Dos Primos Tequila Blanco. As of February 16th, 2022, the pair expanded their line with Dos Primos Tequila Reposado. According to their website, Dos Primos Tequila Reposado has “warm notes of vanilla and caramel” while Dos Primos Tequila Blanco’s is “earthy and herbal with hints of fresh citrus and wildflower.”

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2. Red 55 Winery (Miranda Lambert)

Launched in 2006, Red 55 Winery signals back to tradition with its set of signature wines. Buyers can choose from a variety of white, red, sweet, or dry wines like their Red 55 Cabernet Sauvignon, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Sweet White, Kerosene Pinot Grigio, and many more.

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3. Two Lane (Luke Bryan)

Two Lane’s beer is brewed in Daleville, Virginia, and uses homegrown two-row barley. The company offers American Golden Lager, which they note as having a ” clean & crisp flavor” and the Hard Seltzer comes in flavors such as Cherry Limeade, Peach Tea, Blueberry Lemonade, and Watermelon Punch.

4. Código 1530 (George Strait)

According to their website, “Código 1530’s name honors “Los Códigos, the old world codes and customs that shaped and still live on in Amatitán and the Los Bajos region to this day.” Código 1530’s varieties include Tequila Blanco, Rosa, Reposado, Añejo, and “Origen,” which is their Extra-Añejo. They also offer Código 1530 Artesenal Mezcal, which has floral, citrus, and vanilla notes, and Código 1530 Ancestral Mezcal, revealing notes of honey, tobacco, and hazelnut.

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5. Old Camp Whiskey (Florida Georgia Line)

Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line launched Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey in August 2016. The Peach Pecan Whiskey takes “inspiration from their innovative fusion of country, rock, hip-hop and pop” to create a smooth drink.

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6. Smithworks Vodka (Blake Shelton)

According to their website, Smithworks American Made Vodka is “distilled three times and charcoal filtered for a smooth taste and clean finish.” In addition to their vodka, Smithworks sells Hard Seltzer Lemonade with flavors including Classic Lemon, Ripe Strawberry, Southern Peach Tea, and Crisp Lime.

7. Wolf Moon Bourbon (Jason Aldean/Florida Georgia Line)

Wolf Moon is a collaboration between Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line’s company Old Camp. Wolf Moon Straight Bourbon Whiskey tastes like “caramel, sweet corn, honey, and candied fruit with hints of oak and spice.”

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8. Day Drinking Wine (Little Big Town)

Named after one of Little Big Town’s award-winning songs, Day Drinking Wine offers canned wine in flavors like Rosé Bubbles, Watermelon Rosé, and Southern Peach.

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9. Blue Chair Bay Rum (Kenny Chesney)

Chesney’s company Blue Chair Bay sells many summer-inspired rum flavors like Coconut, Banana, Key Lime Rum