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Country Music Showdown: Raleigh Keegan vs. Tiffany Woys

In our original Country Music Showdown series, we invite guest artists to play trivia live on our Instagram. On October 13th of 2021, our series featured Tiffany Woys vs. Raleigh Keegan. At the time of recording, Tiffany had just recently released her song “About Love” and debuted a music video with it as well. As for Raleigh Keegan, he would be releasing his first debut album titled “Clocks Roll Forward” later that week.

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Our Live Country Music Trivia started playfully as Tiffany’s cat, Belle, jumped into screen-view to make a special guest appearance. The contestants shared a quick laugh and then let the games begin.

During an initial round of questions to familiarize viewers with our competitors, we discovered that co-writer for George Strait’s “Troubador,” Leslie Satcher, has assisted Keegan in two of his songs for his soon-to-be-released album. This is an excellent example of the intriguing little details you can encounter when you chime into The Nash News.

The Country Music Showdown’s next round of questions would start counting for points; however, Woys and Keegan were stumped shortly for the first question. Do you know the answer?

“Who was the 1 st woman to hit #1 on the country music chart, with her single ‘It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels’?”

Keegan broke the silence between him and his competitor by playfully stating, “I bet she was great!” Our host notified the contestants that the answer was Katie Wells. Did you guess correctly?

After bouncing between scoring points and splitting some, Woys and Keegan came down to a tie. The tie-breaker question would be to finish the lyrics to Miranda Lambert’s song “Tin Man” from 2016.

“You ain’t missin’ nothing, ‘Cause love is so damn hard. Take it from me, darlin’, You don’t—”

“Want a heart,” shouted both contestants simultaneously. They had tied the trivia game again, leading to another final question. The FINAL tie-breaker question: “Who wrote ‘Better Man’ for group Little Big Town?” Woys chimed in, saying the correct answer, Taylor Swift, which made her the winner for this week’s round of Country Music Showdown.

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