Country Music Showdown: Rayne Johnson vs. Logan Mize

In this edition of Country Music Showdown, we sit down with Rayne Johnson and Logan Mize, who had both recently released new music. Johnson had just released an EP titled Love Drunk or Lonely which is the singer’s second EP and, according to the artist, “a lot different than the first one.” Mize had recently been preparing for the release of his fifth studio album, Welcome to Prairieville, which featured 11 brand new songs.

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Starting off the game with some warm-up questions, in asking the stars which artist they would listen to if they could only listen to one for the rest of their life, Johnson cited Merle Haggard and his vast repertoire of music while Mize surprised the audience with Enya, who was an inspiration, especially for his Irish side. In asking the artists to recommend someone one song based on the name of a country singer, artists of all types were mentioned, from Eric Church to Miranda Lambert to Kenny Chesney.

In the competition portion, the two singers were neck and neck, as Mize took the first point by correctly naming the country singer starring in “Electric Horseman,” Willie Nelson, while Johnson took the second, naming “Survivor” as the reality TV show which featured Chase Rice. It was ultimately Mize, however, who took the next two points in the round and placed himself in an early lead. Even so, neither artist was able to guess the name of Tim McGraw’s debut single, “What Room Was the Holiday Inn,” reminding the audience that it was anyone’s game entering the next round.

In “Name the Artist,” the country singers switched off who earned points, again making a tight race as Johnson quickly took the first point in guessing Alan Jackson as the artist behind “God Country” and Mize citing Little Big Town as the band behind “Wine, Beer, Whiskey.” In the last question of the round worth two points, however, both country artists earned a point as each named one artist behind the song “Murder on Music Row”: Mize with Alan Jackson and Johnson with George Strait.

Rayne Johnson and Logan Mize were almost tied entering the final round, “Finish the Lyric.” Johnson took an early lead in the round with two consecutive points, correctly finishing lyrics in “Neon Moon” and “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” but Mize was quick to take back the point by finishing the lyric of “Wide Open Spaces.” No one was able to finish the lyric to “Mary Go Round,” but in the final question, both artists were able to sing along to “Forever and Ever Amen.”

Despite the close race, it was Mize with eight points who was able to secure the victory against Johnson’s five. Regardless, the game was close, especially between two rising stars with bright futures ahead of them.

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