Country Songs and Collaborations Written by Sasha Alex Sloan

Sasha Alex Sloan grew up right outside of Boston where she discovered her talent in music. At 19, she packed her bags and moved across the country to Los Angeles where she made ends meet working at a coffee shop. The Massachusetts-born songstress predominately crafts elephantine-pop arrangements but has dabbled in country music since being in Nashville. Here are a few country songs that you didn’t know that Sasha Alex Sloan had a part in writing. 1. “When Was It Over” featuring Sam Hunt

“When Was It Over,” penned by Sloan, Hunt, and Shane McAnally, has a couple wondering what it was that really led to their breakup and when. It’s potent with vulnerability and electronic-dance tastings as Sloan carries the first verse while Hunt takes over the second. Was it the first time he saw her get drunk? Differences among friends? Was it when they ran into exes? Her fights with her mother? “When was it over for you? / When was it over? / When was the moment you knew / That you were gonna walk out eventually? / It's still not over for me / It's still not over for me / When I didn't ask if you were okay after a fight with your mom / And last time I stayed over at your place and you woke up alone / Was it the first time you pulled away? / Second time that we drove to Texas / Third time we ran into one of my random exes / So, was it ever real or was it all pretend? / The way you're acting's got me wonderin.'”

2. “On Top Of The World” by Lauren Alaina

Singer-songwriter Lauren Alaina recently dropped her album Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World which hosts the song “On Top Of The World.” Alaina wrote the song alongside Sloan and Jordan Reynolds about her struggle with happiness and the fight to make it understood that it’s okay to not be okay. The mid-tempo composition encompasses an arrangement of perky acoustic and linear electric while Alaina’s vocals gloss the top.

3. “Your Drinkin,’ My Problem” by Carly Pearce

“Your Drinkin,’ My Problem” featured on Pearce’s collection 29: Written in Stone, was written with Pearce and Sasha Alex Sloan alongside Ben West, and Nicolle Gaylon. The tongue-in-cheek arrangement is one of the many on Pearce’s record that contains a high potency of wit, sass, and sweetness. It’s brimming with a clever play on words and unconventional country-makings. “Your whiskey, my headache / Your good time, my heartbreak / I'm stone-cold sober, wakin' up hungover / Your party, my last call / Your first shot, my last straw / You're hittin' that bottle while I'm hittin' rock bottom / I wish you'd quit makin' your drinkin' my problem.”

4. “So Long” by Diplo featuring Cam

American producer Diplo released “So Long” as the first in a series of songs with country singers-songwriters on his LP, Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley, Chapter 1: Snake Oil. A whole team of writers tackled this work including Diplo himself, Sloan, Camaron Ochs, Henry Agincourt Allen, Tyler Johnson, Diana Gordon, Benjamin Harris, and Michael Wilson Hardy. Sloan’s now fiancé King Henry produced the track alongside Diplo. Cam sings about craving her partner claiming that his lack of romance is a perfect reason.

5. “Hometown” by Diplo, Zac Brown Band, and Danielle Bradbery

“Hometown” is another song featured on Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley, Chapter 1: Snake Oil written by Diplo, Sloan, and King Henry. This time, the producer recruited country artists Zac Brown Band and Danielle Bradbery to execute the performance. The song depicts getting to know somebody by traveling through their hometown. “We'll pump gas before we pay for it / On some backroad, ain't got no name for it / Headlights shinin' to forever / Promise you gon' know me better / Let me take you to my hometown, show you who I was / Everything it don't have, everything it does / Let me show you where I'm from / 'Cause it made me who I've become / Let me take you to my hometown, show you who I was / Everything it don't have, everything it does.”

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