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Country Stars with Hits in Other Genres

Sometimes it's hard to discern whether you’re on your local country station or the “today’s hits” pop station when these country stars are releasing tracks that become well received in more than just one genre. Some stars get their start in country and jump lines to other genres and stay there for the rest of their career, but sometimes some artists find themselves faithful to Nashville and their track just happens to be considered a hit in other genres too. Take a look at these songs that did just that.

1. Florida Georgia Line - “Cruise” (Remix)

This song broke open the gate for the duo in 2012 with the original version, but they took it through the water with the feature from Nelly the following year when they had pop radio in the palm of their hands.

2. Kid Rock - “All Summer Long”

Kid Rock won all age groups with this classic mashup of Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London” mixed with the all-time favorite, “Sweet Home Alabama” in 2007 of his album, Rock and Roll Jesus.

3. Maren Morris - “The Bones”

Sweet and Sassy Maren Morris got a second taste of being a pop princess with her song, “The Bones” in 2019 off of her album Girl. The track even got a later feature with indie singer Hozier.